Gulf of Tonkin "Yankee Station" on USS Oriskany CVA-34 & USS Hancock CVA-19

USS Oriskany "Fire At Sea" !!

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Click here to watch Oriskany "Fire" Video Footage!!

"Fire" killed 44 officers in forward staterooms!!
Magnesium Flare Locker in forward Hangar Bay Exploded!!

Oct. 26, 1966, Gulf of Tonkin, "Yankee Station"

Burial at Sea, on way to San Diego, Nov. 3, 1966
Victims from Oct. 26, 1966

Burial at Sea, Nov. 3, 1966 in the Philippine Sea
Dennis's picture taken with Kodak 120 Instamatic Camera


A4 Skyhawks on Flight Deck suffered Fire Damage!
Fire in Hangar Bay, USS Oriskany, October 26, 1966

The carrier was on station the morning of 26 October 1966 when a fire erupted on the starboard side of the ship's forward hangar bay and raced through five decks, killing 44 men. Many who lost their lives were veteran combat pilots who had flown raids over Vietnam a ew hours earlier. Oriskany had been put in danger when a magnesium parachute flare exploded in the forward flare locker of Hangar Bay 1, beneath the carrier's flight deck. Subsequent investigation showed the flare functioned as designed and the cause of the fire was human error. A seaman accidentally ignited the flare, and in a panic, threw it into the weapons locker where the flares were kept for storage, instead of throwing it over the side into the water; this allowed the entire storage locker to ignite and caused horrific damage. Some of her crewmen jettisoned heavy bombs which lay within reach of the flames, while others wheeled planes out of danger, rescued pilots, and helped quell the blaze throughout the next three hours. Medical assistance was rushed to the carrier from sister aircraft carriers and .Oriskany steamed to Subic Bay on 28 October, where victims of the fire were transferred to waiting aircraft for transportation to the United States. A week later, the carrier departed for San Diego, arriving on 16 November. The San Francisco Bay Naval Shipyard was a short-lived shipyard formed in 1965 as the combination of the San Francisco Naval Shipyard and the Mare Island Naval Shipyard. The combined yards were the largest naval shipyard in the world, but the desired cost savings did not materialize, and the two completed repairs on 23 March 1967 and Oriskany, with Carrier Air Wing 16 embarked, underwent training. She then stood out of

Hangar Bay fire smoke seen from flight deck !!
Magnesium flares fire melted inch thick steel bulkheads . . .
As fire below progresses, smoke gets thicker.
Men on flight deck soon start rolling bombs over side of ship!!







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